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Best Bleaching powder, Information and Use

Bleaching powder is an inorganic compound with a formula of Ca(OCl)2. Bleaching powder is very relatively stable and also has greater available chlorine as compare to sodium hypochlorite. This compound has white solid although commercial samples appear yellow. This compound smells like chlorine owing to it slow decomposition in moist air.

Bleaching powder formula is Ca(OCl)2 and The chemical name of bleaching powder is calcium hypochlorite

Some important information

Chemical formula    Ca(OCl)2
Appearance             white/gray powder
Molar mass              142.98 g/mol
Density                     2.35 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Melting point            100 °C (212 °F; 373 K)
Boiling point             175 °C (347 °F; 448 K)

Some Other Names

bleaching powder, Calcium hypochlorite, calcium oxychloride, Hypochlorous acid calcium salt, chloride of lime

Uses of Bleaching Powder

  • This powder is used as disinfectant and germicide especially in the sterilization of drinking water or water.
  • It is used for manufacturing of chloroform.
  • It is used for bleaching silk and wool.
  • Bleaching Powder is used in many chemical industries to produced various chemical products.
  • Bleaching Powder is mainly used as bleaching agent for cotton, linen and wood pulp and other cloths
  • Bleaching Powder is used for washing the dirty clothes in the laundry, Act as a bleaching agent for cotton cloths and linen in the textile industry.
  • Bleaching Powder is a strong oxidizing agent and also used as an oxidizer in many industries.
  • This Powder is used as a disinfectant which is used for disinfecting water to make water very pure. .

Best bleaching powders

We have huge range of bleaching powders in the market and also have many company’s for bleaching powder. In this post we have gives you best products of bleaching powder.

Unitedlys® Bleaching Powder

1. Unitedlys® Bleaching Powder 400 Grams

  • Removes stains from carpets and clothes, add one teaspoon of bleaching powder per load
  • Cleans floor, refrigerator, bathroom, sink, tubs and showers
  • Deodorizes laundry, refrigerator, litter box, garbage bins
  • Unclogs drains. Kills Ant Colonies.
  • Kids can make slime and crystals

SLCHEM® Bleaching Powder

2. SLCHEM® Bleaching Powder

  • Bleaching powder is also used as a disinfectant for water to make water germ free.
  • its strong oxidizing agent
  • Used to clean underground sumps and Overhead Tanks
  • The most commonly known use for bleaching powder is in the laundry room for clinging dirty cloths
  • Clean Toilets

QTH QTH267 Bleaching Powder

3. QTH QTH267 Laboratory Grade Bleaching Powder

  • Molar mass 142.98 g/mol
  • Density: 2.35 g/cm3 (20 °C)
  • Chemical formula Ca(ClO)2
  • Not for medicinal use
  • Appearance : white/gray powder

Cleansol Bleaching Powder

4. Cleansol Bleaching Powder Disinfectant

  • Used for household disinfectant for disinfecting and cleaning the Toilet, Bathroom, Kitchen, Floors, Windows and Wash area
  • Used to clean Underground & Overhead Tanks.
  • Whiten clothes and remove stains from fabrics and various surfaces.
  • Stable & Grade I powder
  • 34 % Available Chlorine

Sanchana® Bleaching Powder

5. Sanchana® Bleaching Powder

  • Bleaching Powder : Chemical formula Ca(ClO)2. Molar mass 142.98 g/mol. Appearance : white/gray powder.
  • Density: 2.35 g/cm3 (20 °C)
  • Melting point: 100 °C (212 °F; 373 K), Boiling Point: 175 °C (347 °F; 448 K) decomposes
  • Cleans floor, refrigerator, bathroom, sink, tubs and showers.

alljay bleaching powder

6. alljay bleaching powder

  • For Bathroom & Toilet clean
  • Disinfectant usage near gutter,ditch&pond
  • Pathogen killer
  • Water & laundry purpose (use mildly)
  • washing of long term water cans,barrels,plastic tubs



  • Bleaching Powder as a bathroom cleaner
  • Bleaching powder as a household disinfectant spray
  • Bleaching powder to remove moss and algae
  • Bleaching powder to sanitize garden tools

Frequently Asked Questions

what is bleaching powder?
A powder containing calcium hypochlorite and its used chiefly to remove colour from materials.

Bleaching powder formula
Bleaching powder formula is Ca(OCl)2

chemical name of bleaching powder
chemical name of bleaching powder calcium hypochlorite

Is bleaching powder good for skin?
we don’t have health benefit of bleaching powder and there is a serious side effects and complications.

What is the difference between bleach and bleaching powder?
Bleaching powder is used for Removes stains from clothes and carpets, Cleans floor, refrigerator, bathroom, sink, tubs and showers and Bleach is a 5% of solution of sodium Hypo chlorite with 1% sodium hydroxide to stabilize it and its used for face massage and some other products.

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