Solar Eclipse Time and Information

Date, Time and Detailed Information of Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse is a very interesting thing over the world, every people wants to see it and in India there is a special restriction that we have to follow by our family. In this post we are giving you full information about the Solar eclipse.

Before we start 1st we have to know about A solar eclipse, In simple words when the moon gets between the Earth and Sun and the moon casts there shadow over the earth or when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth and its shadow falls on Earth’s surface this know as solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse and lunar eclipse information

In ancient times solar eclipses caused great fear and wonder in people. They did not understand why the sky sometimes darkened in the middle of the day. Today scientists understand why eclipses happen and can determine when they will occur.

During a solar eclipse the Moon passes between the sun and Earth. During a lunar eclipse Earth passes between the sun and the Moon.

Eclipses happen because planets, moons, and other some objects constantly move through space. For instance, Earth travels around the sun in a path called an orbit. As Earth moves around the sun, the Moon makes its own orbit around the Earth. An eclipse involves three space objects temporarily lining up in a row

Type of Solar eclipse

  • Total eclipse
  • Annular eclipse
  • Partial eclipse
  • Hybrid eclipse
Total eclipseA total eclipseWhen the dark the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun and create full circle of moon shadow on earth this is call A total eclipse.
Annular eclipseAnnular eclipseWhen the sun and moon are in one straight line, but the size of moon is quite smaller than son hence the shadow of moon is quite bright ring. this is call An annular eclipse.
Partial eclipsePartial eclipseWhen the sun light refract half of the moon and moon reflect half shadow on earth this is call A partial eclipse.
Hybrid eclipseUnshaped Pattern.This type of eclipse are very rare, in this type sun reflect the light on moon and moon has reflect there shadow in unshaped Pattern.

What to do before and during the eclipse

1.Take a bath, clean yourself and complete your important or etc, before starting of eclipse.
2.Worshiping your God, that should be very good during the eclipse period.
3.After the eclipse over, you have to take bath again, it should be very good for your body mind.
4.Take some food before start of eclipse.
5.As per hind mythology donating in solar eclipse is considered very auspicious.
6.After the eclipse ends, the Ganges water should be sprayed in the house.

What not to do during the eclipse

1. During the eclipse, don’t start any new work or don’t start any marriage work, its causes failure in the work.
2. Don’t consumed any Food or water in time of eclipse. Due to which the person is more likely to become ill or person is weak.
3. Cutting nail, cutting hair are considered inauspicious.
4. Don’t sleep during the time of eclipse.
5.Don’t use any sharp objects and don’t cook food during the eclipse.

10 Year worldwide Solar Eclipse date and time

DateTime ( Terrestrial Time)Solar Eclipse TypeGeographical Area
June 10, 2021AnnularNorthern Canada (Ontario, Nunavut), Greenland, North Pole, Russian Far East Northern North America, Europe, Asia
December 4, 20217:34:38TotalAntarctica South Africa, South Atlantic
April 30, 202220:42:36PartialSoutheast Pacific, Southern South America
October 25, 202211:01:20PartialEurope, northeast Africa, Mid East, West Asia
April 20, 20234:17:56HybridIndonesia, Australia, Timor-Leste Southeast Asia, East Indies, Philippines, New Zealand
October 14, 202318:00:41AnnularWestern United States, Central America, Colombia, Brazil North America, Central America, South America
April 8, 202418:18:29TotalMexico, central and northeastern United States, East Canada North America, Central America
October 2, 202418:46:13AnnularSouthern Chile, Southern Argentina Pacific, Southern South America
March 29, 202510:48:36PartialNorthwest Africa, Europe, northern Russia
September 21, 202519:43:04PartialSouth Pacific, New Zealand, Antarctica
February 17, 202612:13:06AnnularAntarctica,South Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Antarctica
August 12, 202617:47:06TotalArctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Northeastern Portugal,Northern North America, Western Africa, Europe
February 6, 202716:00:48AnnularChile, Argentina, Atlantic,South America, Antarctica, West and South Africa
August 2, 202710:07:50TotalMorocco, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia,Africa, Europe, Mid East, West and South Asia
January 26, 202815:08:59AnnularEcuador, Peru, Brazil, Suriname, Spain, Portugal,Eastern North America, Central and South America, Western Europe, northwest Africa
July 22, 20282:56:40TotalAustralia, New Zealand,Southeast Asia, East Indies
January 14, 202917:13:48PartialNorth America, Central America
June 12, 20294:06:13PartialArctic, Scandinavia, Alaska, northern Asia, northern Canada
July 11, 202915:37:19PartialSouthern Chile, Southern Argentina
December 5, 202915:03:58PartialSouthern Argentina, Southern Chile, Antarctica
June 1, 20306:29:13AnnularAlgeria, Tunisia, Libya, Greece, southeastern Bulgaria, Turkey, southeastern Ukraine, Russia, northern China, Japan
Europe, Northern Africa, Mid East, Asia, Arctic, Alaska
November 25, 20306:51:37TotalBotswana, South Africa, Australia
South Africa, Southern Indian Ocean, East Indies, Australia, Antarctica
May 21, 20317:16:04AnnularAngola, Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, south Indian Ocean, Malaysia, Indonesia
Africa, south Asia, East Indies, Australia
November 14, 203121:07:31HybridPacific, Panama
south United States, Central America, northwest South America
May 9, 203213:26:42Annularsouth Atlantic
south South America, South Africa
November 3, 20325:34:13PartialAsia, Eastern Europe
March 30, 203318:02:36TotalRussian Far East, Alaska
North America, northeastern Asia


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