Best Web Series you Must Watch in 2021

List of Best New Hindi and English Web Series

Movies and Web series both are same and both are for entertainment. Web series are generally scripted or non-scripted online videos, this videos are in the form of episode and sessions. They releases in the medium of internet or a television. The first web series was telecast in April 1995.

We have number of best series in every language also they have ranking and views. This post will gives you list of Best Web series as per rating.

Best English Web series form 1990 to 2015

In this categories we have included best English series which has been finished till 2020. This English series are very famous and more loved by public. With this series every viewer have there own attachment. This series have their own level and place on every views. Below list will show rating and year of starting and ending for series

Series NameViewersStart DateEnd date

IMDB Ratting /out of 10

Friends52.5 million22 September 19946 May 20048.9
How I Met Your Mother10.5 million19 September 200531 March 20148.3
Arrested Development6.24 millionNovember 2, 200315 March 20198.3
Lost11 million22 September 2004May 23, 20108.3
30 Rock17.51 millionOctober 11, 200631 January 20138.2
The Big Bang Theory17.31 million24 September 200716 May 20198.1
Sherlock11.3 million25 July 20109.1
Game of Thrones19.3 million17 April 201119 May 20199.3
True Detective11.9 million12 January 201424 February 20199
Breaking Bad10.3 Million20 January 200829 September 20139.3

Best English Web series form 2015 to present

In this categories we have included all the new series which were started few years ago and still going on. Bellow are some series which are loved by viewers and having very high IMDB ratting.

Series NameStart Date

IMDB Ratting /out of 10

The Walking Dead31 October 20108.2
Stranger Things15 July 20168.7
VikingsMarch 3, 20138.5
The Witcher20 December 20198.2
Money HeistMay 2, 20178.3
Lucifer25 January 20168.1
The 10019 March 20147.6
The Blacklist23 September 20138
Criminal MindsSeptember 22, 2005,8.2
YellowstoneJune 20, 20188.5

Best Hindi Web Series in India

In this list we have best Hindi Web series, which was most popular in past year, before 2018 in India there was no high interest in Web series, This interest has been increase after lunch of some wonderful series. This list will provide you best Hindi web series.

Series NameStart DateIMDB Ratting /out of 10

Number of episodes

The Family Man20 September 20198.610
Criminal Justice5 April 20198.110
Special OPSMarch 17, 20208.58
Bandish Bandits4 August 20208.610
Sacred GamesJune 28, 20188.610
Mirzapur16 November 20188.419
Made in Heaven8 March 20198.39
Hostages31 May 20196.822
Kota Factory16 April 201995
Inside EdgeJuly 10, 2017820

Best Animation Web series

In the past or even in current time, we have hundreds of animation web series, In the below list we have provided best animation web series in the world, which will make your day.

Series NameStart Date 

IMDB Ratting /out of 10

Rick and Morty2 December 20139.2
One Punch Man5 October 20158.8
Batman: The Animated SeriesSeptember 5, 19929
Naruto18 August 19978.3
Naruto shippudenFebruary 5, 20078.6
Attack On Titan7 April 20138.9
Star Wars: The Clone Wars3 October 20088.3
Castlevania7 July 20178.2
The Powerpuff Girls18 November 19987.2
The Lion GuardJanuary 15, 20166.5


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