Best 10 Cooking Oil Brands in India (2022)

Top Cooking Oil Brand in India

Indians are becoming health conscious. This is obvious from the way the homemakers recognize the quality of the oil that they want to purchase. Most of us are not ready to settle down for anything of minor quality food when it gets to the health of their loved family members.

Cooking oils are also called as edible oil. From this aspect, we created or checked out the best oil brands in India that would give better access to healthy cooking oil.

Top 10 Edible Oil Companies in India


Fortune oil company details

The Fortune brand is Indian largest edible oil brand owned by Adani Group with through a joint venture with Wilmar International (Singaporean food processing and investment holding company). The brand has been associated in creating a variety of cooking oils such as rice bran, sunflower oil and groundnut oil. The oil made by Fortune has been recognized to be rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Saffola oil company

Saffola edible oil is Indian brand owned by Marico Limited and offers range of products for healthy lifestyle like Parachute. Saffola have many advantages like the Nutri-lock Technology that protects the goodness of oil, the sorb technology that limits extreme consumption of the oil by food and the presence of antioxidants. They offers Saffola Gold for Heart Care, Saffola Total for Cholesterol Control and Saffola Tasty for Active Body. Saffola known for Best Cooking Oil Brand in India. –Buy Cheaper Now–

Gemini (Cargill)

Gemini oil company info

Gemini oil brand is owned by American company Cargill formerly it was owned by Sweekar. The brand does extensive research and new experiments, It doesn’t include any saturated fats also It comes with a reasonable price. Cargill spokesman said sunflower oil is a favourite in urban areas and a top seller in urban retail stores. We already sell sunflower oil through our brands Nature Fresh and Gemini. Sweekar brand has tremendous potential but Marico could not optimize it because it was focused more on Saffola. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Dhara oil details

Dhara Refined Vegetable Oil is a product of Indian brand Mother Dairy. This oil brand has been producing a wide range of oil variations in India since 1988. Dhara is mostly famous for Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil. Dhar oil is relatively cheaper, and thus the Dhara has been one of the leading options for the middle class in India. Using of Dhara oil excites the body’s metabolism. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Sundrop oil info

Sundrop edible oil offers a wide range of healthy oils in India, from groundnut, Sunflower and refined Corn Oil. Sundrop oil is owned by Indian company Agro Tech Foods Limited in which 51.3 percent hold by American company ConAgra Foods Inc. The cooking oil made by the brand has been recognized to be rich in vitamins, oryzanol and essential fatty acids. Best cooking oil for frying. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Dalda oil company info

Dalda brand of vegetable oil is very popular in India which owned by Bunge Limited is an American agribusiness and food company. Dalda is the best brand for the best cooking oil for diabetes. The list with few notable options like mustard oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and vanaspati oil. Study has shown that Dalda oil practice decreased blood glucose levels and cholesterol in the body. –Buy Cheaper Now–

Del Monte

Del Monte oil company info

Del Monte is majorly known for olive oil and tomato ketchup. Del Monte oil owned by American company Del Monte. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by strict processing of olives (with temperature being maintained below 27 deg C while making olive paste) through cold extraction process which ensures it’s great flavor and nice aroma, with all it’s health benefits intact. Free from argemone oil. Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Borges olive oil info

Borges oil brand is known for Olive Oil brand. Borges International is a Spanish food company based in Catalonia. It was founded in 1896. This olive oil is specially made for Indian market and It has very light flavor and aroma of olives hence doesn’t impart any flavor to food. It’s ideal for frying, roasting and sauteing which are the commonly used methods. Borges belongs to the Mediterranean region, Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and olive oil is an major ingredient in it. –Buy Cheaper Now–

Health & Tasty

Health & Tasty oil brand info

This Healthy & Tasty oil brand owned by Indian company Emami. Healthy & Tasty cooking oil available in different types like rice bran oil, Kachchi Ghani Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, Soyabean Oil and Vegetable Oil (Palmolein). This brand is healthy to use for regular cooking. It is suitable for Heart patients to use in their daily food usage. It is the best cooking oil for weight loss. –Buy Cheaper Now–


Dabur cooking oil info

Dabur cooking oil mostly famous for Mustard Oil brands which own by Dabur an Indian company. It is cold pressed from finest quality mustards ensuring that the natural properties and health benefits of mustard is intact. It contains ratio of omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids. It relieves sinus congestion and invigorates digestion. Mustard oil is rich in mono saturated fatty acids making it heart friendly and also helps in managing cholesterol. –Buy Cheaper Now–

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