Best 5 Wireless Headphone Brand In India

Top Wireless Headphone Brand In India

In this article we are giving you list of top headphone brand in India. as well as giving you best comparison. that help you to find best deals as also help to find best brand in India to buy good headphone. There is 100’s of varieties available in market but choose best for ears health.

Top 5 Midrange Wireless Headphone Brands in India


boAt Rockerz best wireless headphone

boAT is a Indian Based company was incorporated in November 2013 by founders Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. its consumer electronics based company which produced wireless Bluetooth headphones, earphones and wireless headsets.
boAT headphone are very good in looking, sleek and Stylish at the best price range. they are giving you best Audio quality with different speaker looks in lower price range. These are best wireless headphones under 2000. —Buy Now—


realme best wireless headphone

Realme is a China based company which produced smartphone manufacturer which headquartered in Beijing. Realme is also produced large number of headphone range with good quality and there is mid range to high range headphone are available.
Realme is giving you comfortable headphone to use for long listening session. they very low on weight and looking good design. Wired version is not great but wireless version is more than expectation. —Buy Now—


OnePlus best wireless headphone

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen. Its having officially server in 34 countries. OnePlus was founded in 2013. this company gives you best designed headphone and very comfortable to use. Very low in weight and easy to foldable. There is very better audio quality with a Built in DAC. Easy to control and use. This mobile brand is taking over to Samsung and Apple. —Buy Now—


Sennheiser best wireless headphone

Sennheiser is German based company, Sennheiser is specializing in the design and production of a wide range of high fidelity products, including microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and aviation headsets for personal and professional.
Sennheiser offers you top quality of headphone, headsets and earphones in Mid to high range with the very good audit in wireless, wired and Bluetooth. —Buy Now—

Infinity JBL

Infinity (JBL) best wireless headphone

JBL is American company which manufacturing audio equipment, including loudspeakers and headphones, JBL gives you number of verities of headphones with affordable price range, JBL is one of the largest and very named company in audio industry. —Buy Now—

How to choose a good wireless headset?

The mainstream technology of wireless headsets is Bluetooth technology, which is now very mature. The wireless headsets mentioned here refer to Bluetooth headsets.

The main application scenarios of wireless headsets:

1. Use in sports and fitness scenarios

Due to the large body vibration during exercise, it is required that the earphone should not fall easily, and at the same time it should not be too tight to cause discomfort, in addition, a lot of sweat will be produced on the head and neck during exercise, so the earphone must be sweat-proof.

2. Used in commuting transportation

When the subway passes the security check, it needs to be taken off for inspection. The wireless earphones can pass through easily without the entanglement of wired earphones.
When crowding the bus, the wireless headset does not have to worry about being pulled by others to the headset cord.
When vehicles arrive at the station, they need to be able to hear the station call to avoid missing the station.
It is best to be able to hear the sound of the surrounding environment to prevent accidents.

3. Use during trips

During a business trip, you usually have luggage and other objects in your hands, and face many unfamiliar environments, you need to perform operations such as map inquiries on roads, transportation, etc. Therefore, it is very convenient to use wireless headphones to connect to the map for navigation and guidance, and does not occupy your hands.
In addition, in a business travel environment, information guidance or feedback that can recognize the surrounding environment is required to facilitate oneself to deal with various unexpected external events. It is actually a bit unsafe to plug your ears with headphones.

Based on the above application scenarios, my performance requirements for a good wireless headset:

PointPerformance requirements
BeautifulPersonal evaluation, Bluetooth headsets with long talking microphones are very low
lightThe weight of the headset is less than 75 grams, and there is no “sense of existence” for long-term wear
Waterproof and sweatproofThe interface must have a sealed design
solidThe headphone connection cannot be easily broken or damaged
Long lasting powerThe use of the headset for continuous calls should not be less than 7 hours (the ability to support fast charging is better) (this is obvious in long-distance journeys or mountain climbing and hiking activities in the wild)
Does not hurt your hearingIn-ear headphones can damage hearing, bone conduction headphones are best
Comfortable to wearWearing Bluetooth headsets for a long time is actually uncomfortable in the ears, especially the one-ear type. Binaural type is recommended
auto connectAutomatically connect to the device quickly, no need to manually connect
Reasonable key designThe key design for controlling the sound level and pause must be reasonable, the operation must be smooth, and not too hard to press
Stable connectionThere is a stable connection, and there will be no intermittent situations due to a short distance
Black technologyThere are some unique patented technologies, such as bone conduction, active noise reduction, voice recognition, touch technology, etc.

Basic difference between Headphone and earphone

  1. Headphone – Headphone are basically designed as around the head of user’s ears. there is all buttons are in around the head belt.
  2. Earphone -Earphone are basically designed to put sound directly to your ear’s.

The experience warning after long-term use of headphones:

  • Long-term use of in-ear headphones does affect hearing . This is not alarmist, I have personally experienced it. Headphone manufacturers will never tell you this, they will only preach about how good the sound quality of headphones is-but I really feel that sound quality is not the point at all, the health of the ears is.
  • It is not recommended to choose leather earphones that completely cover the ears , because after walking with them for a period of time, a lot of sweat will be produced. After a long time, the earphones are very smelly, easy to grow mold, very unhygienic, and difficult to clean.
  • It is not recommended to choose the earphones with a sponge cover. If the sponge cover is used for a little longer, it will rot due to sweat corrosion and other reasons. It looks very bad and it is difficult to find a replacement.
  • It is not recommended to wear a headset that can only be worn with one ear , because it is really uncomfortable to use one ear to answer calls or listen to things for a long time (such as Jabra’s stone series), and it is also very harmful to hearing.



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