Top 5 Best Wireless Mouse Brands in India

Best Wireless Mouse

What brand of wireless mouse is the best wireless mouse in India is becoming more and more common because of work from home. First of all, we have to know what is the most important thing to choose a mouse. Of course, it is the feel and durability. We can forget about DPI, CPI, and rate of return

Wireless mouse are convenient, they don’t clutter up desk space with wires. Next, We have selected some mouse brand with good performance from the entire mouse market and recommend them to you.

After these brands we will see Introduction to the characteristics of the mouse and How to filter the mouse that suits your hand feeling.


Logitech wireless mouse brand

Logitech International is an American-Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software company. This is one of the best brand for wired or wireless mouse. It’s designed to be comfortable for long days at the office or home work. Logitech mouse battery will last for up to 70 days on a full charge, and a quick five-minute charge of the battery can get you through a workday.


Hp wireless mouse brand

The HP mouse brand is, commonly shortened to Hewlett-Packard or HP, an American-Swiss multinational information technology company. With up to 16 months of life on a single AA battery, these HP mouse are designed to push the limits, The 2.4GHz wireless connection reliably keeps you hooked up. But the lifespan of mouse is lesser than Logitech.


Lenovo wireless mouse brand

This is most lovable Chinese for all corporate companies in India. This is one who profited most in pandemic times because all employees has been updated with Lenovo thinkpad laptop or desktop for there work from home job. Lenovo mouse are comfortable to use for long hours with great performance. Great Aesthetics, Usage ideal for office, education sectors, designing, basic gaming etc.


Dell wireless mouse brand

Dell is an American-Swiss company named after its founder Michael Dell, is one of the largest technology corporations in the world, employing more than 165,000 people in the U.S. and around the world. It is one of the biggest PC product companies in the world. You can bet that Dell mouse are built for heavy duty use. Ideally this brand mouse are very conforfortable for Male hands because mouse sizes are quite bigger. We experienced it performance but ergonomics we didn’t like.


Corsair wireless mouse brand

This is world famous mouse brand for Gaming Mouse. Their wired version is famous because there are too many options and keys on mouse itself. This mouse brand is owned by an American-Swiss company Corsair Gaming, Inc. commonly referred to as Corsair. Versatile Ambidextrous Design which allows you to play at your highest level with either hand using your most comfortable grip, be it palm, claw, or fingertip. These mice is quite expensive and that’s why we have added on 5th position.


iBall wireless mouse brand

iBall is an Indian electronics company owned by Anil Parasrampuria, based in Mumbai. This is cheapest mouse available in India, starting at Rs.399 only and not best but good quality. Also wired mouse starts at Rs.199 only. They provide Ergonomic and comfortable design for prolonged usage and
Piano shiny finish exterior. These mouse carries slot to keep receiver inside the mouse only!

How to choose best mouse?

1.What is the purpose of the mouse

There are mainly two types, office and gaming. Basically, a mouse that can only be used for office can not play games, but gaming mice can be used for office at the same time.

2.Should I choose wired or wireless mouse

If you are working or learning to use, then it is recommended to choose wireless. My reason is that wireless mouse ( wireless receiver and Bluetooth ) is more flexible to use, there is no wire constraint, and the desktop is cleaner and simpler. And it is very convenient to carry.

If it’s a game, it can be wired or wireless. Now the technical level of wireless mice from major manufacturers is very high. Don’t worry about the wireless mouse will cause lagging in the game.

3.Mouse surface material
There are roughly three types of mouse materials:

Mirror surface – Advantages is good appearance, average hand feeling, easy to clean but also easy to be contaminated with hand sweat, so users with a lot of hand sweat are not recommended to choose
Mirror material.
Skin-like surface – The appearance is good, the hand feels fine, but the skin-like material of the surface layer will wear out for a long time, and it is also easy to be stained with hand sweat and fingerprints. If it is used for a long time, it will appear oily.
Skin-like material
Frosted material – general appearance, but the ability to resist hand sweat is the best of the three, so it is very dry to use, suitable for users who are prone to hand sweat.

4.Mouse length
Users need to choose the mouse of their own size according to the size of their hands. You can measure the length of your hand first, based on the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the palm print at the base of the palm.

Hand length greater than 18.5cm the best choice of a large hand mouse recommended length of 120 to 127mm mouse. If the hand length is less than 18.5cm, it is recommended to choose a small mouse with a length of 115 to 120mm .

5. Holding the mouse
Hand grip: The whole hand is relaxed on the mouse and almost completely touching the mouse. Players in this posture are suitable for those right-handed engineering mice.

Grip: Fingers and palms are in contact with the mouse. Players who are accustomed to this method are advised to symmetrical the mouse

Pinch grip: It means that only the fingers touch the mouse and the palm does not touch the mouse. A symmetrical mouse is also recommended

6. The weight of the mouse
In theory, it should be that the lighter the mouse, the better the smoothness of use, and the more effortless it is to use. Among them , a mouse with a weight between 80-100g is the best, a long-term use of 100-110g will be a little tired, and a mouse above 120g will be slightly heavier.

What are the characteristics of mouse

1. Resolution
It refers to the positioning accuracy of the mouse, the unit is DPI (Dots Per Inch) or CPI (Count Per Inch), which refers to the maximum amount of information that can be accurately positioned per inch during the movement of the mouse.

For example, when we move a 400CPI mouse one inch to the left, the mouse will send 400 “left” signals to the computer, while an 800CPI mouse will send 800 times.

The 400 DPI mouse is moved by one inch, the cursor will move 400 pixels on the screen.

Therefore, within a certain range, the higher the DPI or CPI, the more sensitive the mouse.

But the resolution of the mouse is not as big as possible. For example, if we use it in office, 800-1600 is enough. A higher resolution mouse will be more effective in FPS games The driver software customizes DPI and CPI settings.

2. Return rate (Hz)
In fact, it refers to the transmission frequency between the mouse MCU (Micro Control Unit) and the computer, that is, the number of communications between the mouse and the computer per second .

If the return rate of a mouse is 125Hz, you can simply think that the mouse sends data to the computer every 8ms (1000ms divided by 125), and 500Hz sends data every 2ms.

Therefore, the rate of return is a mouse performance parameter that gamers attach great importance to. In theory, a higher rate of return can give play to the performance of the mouse, which is more practical for gamers.

However, a high return rate also requires the configuration of the computer. If the computer configuration is low, but a high return rate is set at the same time, the mouse cursor will drop frames, and it will also waste electricity.

Based on the above four points, you can make a simple selection for the mouse you will choose.

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