Top 10 Room Heater Brands Available in India

Top Indian Room Heater Company

During the cold weather, if you are struggling to find comfort and coziness in your home, then you need a room heater in your house. Sometimes, the temperature falls down below 15 or 10 degrees. Comforters or quilts may not be sufficient to handle such extreme weather conditions.

If you want to warm up a room or small space, then convection is always good choice. However, for large room and spot heating, radiant heating technology is helpful. Infrared room heaters use this radiant technology. While fan and oil-filled heaters use convection technology.

Top Room Heaters Available in India


bajaj heater company

Bajaj convection technology heaters is always best choice. They work on the principle of heating the room through convection technology where a coil or a panel is used for heating. A fan/ blower is blown towards the heat panel which spreads warm air in the entire room. These heaters are owned by Indian company Bajaj.


Orpat room heater company

ORPAT is a group of companies based in the State of Gujarat, and all products are manufactured in India. Orpat name derives from founder name Odhavaji Raghavji Patel. Orpat element heater is a very safe product. It has both a safety as well as a thermal cut out that ensures that the machine stays safe for use for extended periods of time, despite having to work at high temperatures. This ensures that the room remains heated throughout the day or night.


Usha room heater company

Usha International is Indian company incorporated by Lala Shriram in 1934. Made in China, Marketed by India Inc These include companies like Godrej and Usha , which have sourced almost their entire range of components from China. They do have good range of conventional and cheaper heaters in India.


Havells room heater company

Havells India Limited, is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida, India. Havells heater features a PTC Ceramic heating element which provides faster, safer and energy efficient heating. Moreover, its oscillation function helps in delivering multi directional heating. For safety reasons, it’s made in a way that if the PTC fan heater falls/tips over accidentally then it switches off automatically.


Nova room heater

Nova Is a Dubai brand owned by Badri Electro Supply And Trading Company having many electronics products in cheap rate. Nova room heaters are made using one among the latest newly improved technology for fast and quick heating of any room, it comes with adjustable temperature control option which allows you to choose from different heat settings. Also its in-built quality of material used is one among the highest grade, used for good quality performance and high efficiency.


Sansui room heater company

This Sansui Quartz Heaters is ISI certified for safety and comes in 2 power modes – 400 and 800W. Armed with features like Safety tip over switch, 2m long cable to reach nooks and corners , Meshed grill for added protecion to keep your hands safe, this Quartz heater checks all the boxes on Safety and Reliability. Sansui Electric is a Japanese manufacturer Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Solimo room heater brand

Solimo brand is a United States generic brand own by Amazon in India. From trash bags to razors and vitamins to K-cups, they have a ton of affordable solutions for you and your home.Actually they are harming other brands by doing advertising on own platform and copying all products

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