Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India (2022)

Which is the best washing machine company in India

If you are searching for best washing machine brand in India, then you have come to the right place! A washing machine is a long-term investment for every Indian home. That is why in this post, we not only bring to you the best washing machines by type but also throws light on the major brands to be considered while buying a washing machine.

After bellow listed brands you will see more details about buying guide of washing machine with there types like front load, top load, automatic and Semi automatic, so let’s get started.

Best Washing Machines in India


samsung washing machine company info

Yes, every Indian’s favourite electronic brand. Samsung washing machines come with excellent washing options that make the device an energy-efficient one. It also saves much water in the bargain. This South Korean brand one of the premium home appliances brand in the world. No one can bet on after sales service of samsung. All washing machines are made in India (Noida Plant). Samsung Washing Machines are well maintained in factor of price and quality. –Buy Now–


lg washing machine company

LG Electronics Inc is a South Korean multinational brand continue to strive for providing the best blend of innovation and technology in the products. As a result, LG Washing Machines have always outperformed competitors. A noteworthy feature of LG washing machine is the smart diagnosis system whereby technical problem can be troubleshot by calling LG customer care and placing the phone on the appliance. These washing machines are made in Pune, Ranjangao Plant. –Buy Now–


bosch washing machine company

Bosch washing machine brand is owned by Robert Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company. Bosch is the only washing machine manufacturer in India that is ECARF certified. Their Allergy Plus Wash Program does an excellent job of eliminating allergens and detergent residue by incorporating a longer rinse cycle. Bosch has also taken care to incorporate features that further optimize water and energy consumption. Bosch Group in India employs over 31,500 people and generated consolidated sales of about ₨.19,996 crores in fiscal year 2020. 18 manufacturing sites, and seven development and application centers in India. –Buy Now–


whirlpool washing machine company

Whirlpool is an American multinational entered India in the 1980s as part of its global expansion strategy. It forayed into the market under a joint venture with TVS group and established the first Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry for washing machine category.  Whirlpool manufactures some of the best semi-automatic washing machines. Whirlpool washing machines adapt the operations for washing in hard water by sensing the water type and adapting the wash cycle to give you up to 20%. –Buy Now–


haier washing machine company

Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese brand announces Rs.3069 crores investment to set up new manufacturing plant in Greater Noida (2019). To strengthened its commitment towards the central government’s Make in India initiative to boost local manufacturing. Haier washing machines that work at almost Zero Water Pressure help to solve the biggest challenge that Indian consumers face in their daily lives. –Buy Now–


ifb washing machine company

IFB Washing Machines owned by IFB Industries an Indian company. It has its manufacturing location in Kolkata and Verna India. Founded by Bijon Nag the company was known as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd and started operations in India in 1974. IFB Diva Aqua is one of the best budget-friendly front loading washing machines available in India. Its features are basic, but it is sufficient for small family that don’t get their clothes much soiled. The Float Ball Valve technology lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. –Buy Now–


panasonic washing machine company

This Washing Machine brand Panasonic Corporation, formerly known as the Matsushita Electric, founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 as a lightbulb socket manufacturer, is a major Japanese multinational electronics company. Over 70 years of washing machine manufacturing experience results in superior technology that is used in every Panasonic Washing Machine. In 2013 they topped the 100 million unit mark in Washing Machines. –Buy Now–


godrej washing machine company

Godrej Group is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai, India, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family. It was founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897. If you are looking for a basic top loader, then option from Godrej that comes at a budget-friendly price tag is something you could consider. Godrej washing machine comes with other features such as Child Lock, Active Soak, and more. –Buy Now–


onida washing machine company

In this washing machine segment, Onida is famous for Washer only and Semi automatic machines in cheap rate. Onida Electronics, also known as Mirc electronics is an Indian electronics and home applications manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India. They do not have wide category and excellency in washing machines. –Buy Now–

How To Choose Best Washing Machine?

Now we will discuss the most important factors that you have to consider while buying a washing machine.

1.Front Load Or Top Load Machine?

If you are on a low budget, then a top load model would be a better choice. Most of the models are available in the range of Rs. 7-20k. The main advantages of top-load models are that you can add clothes mid-way of a wash cycle, they are ergonomically friendly, especially useful if you have trouble bending down and picking up things.

On the downside, the top load models consume a lot of water, power and detergent also doesn’t clean as well as a front-load machine. Also, most of the top loaders don’t have an in-built heater.

top load vs front load washing machine

Front-load machines are comparatively expensive but are very efficient, consumes less water, power and cleans clothes better. They also have far more features, wash programs, can wash in hot water.

You can keep note that most of front load washing machines need a water pressure of 1 bar, meaning the water supply tank should be placed at least 17 feet vertical height from the washing machines. This would not be a major concern in Indian homes as the corporation and municipal water supply maintains 1 bar water pressure.

2.Automatic or Semi-Automatic ?

If you are looking to buy a top-load machine, then you have the option of automatic and semi-automatic. Semi-automatic machines are wider in size as it has a separate washer and dryer.

After the wash cycle is completed, you will have to manually transfer the clothes to the dryer. Semi-automatic washing machines are pretty cheaper with a price tag of Rs. 5 to 10k. Automatic washing machines do not require you to transfer the clothes between compartments.


Important factor that you have to consider while buying a washing machine is its capacity. The below provided image will help you make a decision about what capacity your washing machine ought to have.



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