Top 10 Best Honey Brand in India 2022

Pure and Organic Honey Brand Available in India

Honey is one of the most used kitchen ingredients in India. It’s not just used in cooking but also in skincare, haircare, weight loss treatments, and other health treatments. Since honey comes from natural processes, organic honey is the always best, and some top brands sell pure honey at affordable prices.

In December 2020, 13 samples tested from major companies by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), and from that 10 samples were found adulterated with additive. While one of the remaining three passed the test partially which are Marico’s Saffola Honey, Markfed’s Sohna and Nature’s Necta.
The post includes the solution for your best organic honey in India !

Pure Honey Companies in India


Saffola honey brand

Saffola honey is Indian brand owned by Marico and offers range of products for healthy lifestyle like Parachute hair oil and Cooking oil. In market right now it’s one of the purest honey brand available in India as per CSE studies. Saffola Honey is rich in antioxidants which helps to boost immunity. Every batch of Saffola Honey is tested using the most advanced NMR Test (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) in one of the best-in-class German laboratories to ensure that it is pure, free from any form of adulteration and with no added sugar. Purest Honey By Latest Test. —Buy Now—

2.Indigenous Raw Honey

Indigenous Raw Honey brand

Indigenous Honey was founded by Dr. Dharmesh Vadher in 2012 in Gujarat, India. Indigenous honey is 100% pure and natural honey. It is a raw, unfiltered, unprocessed and unpasteurized honey which is natural immunity booster as per our Ayurveda. They conserve Apis indica honeybee and Apis mellifera honeybee (Italian honeybee) in scientifically designed wooden boxes. Today Indigenous honey has more than 3000 beehives. —Buy Now—

3.Dabur Honey

Dabur Honey brand

Dabur honey owned by India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine & natural consumer products manufacturer Dabur Limited. The Sundarbans forests are the sources of honey for Dabur, and rest assured, it is free from chemicals and preservatives. The product is very effective for heart health and this is the most effective remedy for seasonal cough & cold. This is Also Wold famous honey brand. —Buy Now—

4.Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey brand

Patanjali honey is Indian brand established by Baba Ramdev in 2006 and is based out of Haridwar. Now Patanjali honey also comes with a great antiseptic quality that is specially produced to heal injuries faster. The brand claims, its honey is unprocessed and natural, though we observed there has been some concern over the deposition of honey at the bottom in Patanjali honey bottles. Always store this product in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. —Buy Now—

5.Zandu Honey

Zandu Honey brand

Zandu is the most popular and beloved brand for manufacturing herbal care products like Zandu Balm and Zandu Chyawanprash. This honey is owned by Indian brand Zandu Realty Limited  is an international pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, India. Zandu Honey which has been scientifically tested for No Added Sugar in a reputed German Laboratory. It gives you 100% Pure Honey with guaranteed no added sugar. —Buy Now—

6.Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya Honey brand

Apis Himalaya Honey oil owned by Indian brand Himalaya. The company has own in-house laboratory and a world-class processing plant that prepares honey, retaining its nutritive aspects in good ratio. If you choose  ISO22000 certified premium quality honey to consume and stay fit and healthy, then Apis Himalaya Honey can be the one-stop solution for you. —Buy Now—

7.Bharat Honey Agmark

Bharat Honey Agmark brand

Bharat Honey is Indian company based in Hyderabad.This Honey is 100% pure and natural honey, With absolutely zero adulteration and minimal processing. Bharat Honey is just about RAW because it is utterly unheated, unprocessed, and unfiltered. Hence bee pollen and all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals & live natural enzymes are intact in it. They also offer a reward of Rs. 10,000 on each bottle if any adulteration is found. “Bharat Honey is not certified as organic honey. Because genuine certification is a very expensive and complex process” as said by there website. —Buy Now—

8.24 Mantra Honey

24 Mantra Honey brand

24 Mantra is Indian brand founded by Raj Seelam in Hyderabad, India. This honey brand from its organic section, presents delicious himalayan multiflower honey from the pristine mountains of himalaya. This multiflower honey is used in baking products and confectionaries. Daily consumption of honey will ensure good health. All products of 24 mantra organic are certified as per Indian, US and european organic standards. —Buy Now—

9.The Honey Shop

The Honey Shop brand

This Honey brand is Indian brand started in 2009 and based in Yavatmal , Maharashtra, India. They collect honey from deep forest area free from pollution and harmful sprays. Collected by trained foragers without harming bee colonies. Their Raw Honey, which is naturally sourced from the forest, is high on amino acids, natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, bee pollens, and antioxidants. Acts as a natural immunity booster and energy. —Buy Now—

10.Dadev Honey

Dadev Honey brand

Dadev India Exports Ltd is the Originally a Raw Honey Company situated at Karnal, Haryana in India. Dadev Raw Honey comes with high pollen counts. Their honey is procured from most wild and untouched area of India,so that we can deliver a honey with natural qualities like no other. They do have great ratings on online store like Amazon and flipkart. —Buy Now—

What are the benefits of consuming pure honey?

1.Boosts the immune system
2.Antibacterial propertie for wounds and cuts
3.Great for digestive health
4.Helps in allergies and infections
5.Cures obesity and helps in losing weight
6.Enhances skin tone and hair growth
7.Improves brain health

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