Best Quality Hot Water Bag in India

Top Electric and Rubber Hot Water Bag for Back Pain

Hot water bag is new invention of 21st century. Now a days we have modern lifestyles and hectic time schedule. The daily routine is full of movements and painful settlement whether you travel by train, bus or by your own vehicle, body pain is a very common in our lifestyles. In old age and exercises also led pains in joints or in muscles.

It can be used as a heat therapy and used in varies pains like joint pains, muscular craps, stomach pain and back pain or more. Hot water therapy is very old method in pain reliving. In earlier days it was used with bottle and cloths.

In this post we will give you full information of Hot water Bag and some good Hot Water Bag products. You can easily buy these bags from amazon or flipkart, but not sure which to buy? Keep reading !

Type of Hot Water Bag

1. Electric Hot water Bag – Electric Hot water bag is used with electricity and it can be used 20 to 30 mints continually no need for any extra effort.
2. Rubber Hot Water Bag – this is most common hot water bag which is made with hard rubber and we need extra effort of Water has to be heated frequently.

Basic Use of Hot water Bag

Hot water Bag is provide instant relief in different type of pain also use for treatment of sports injuries

  • Arthritis
  • Sore neck
  • Backache
  • Muscular pains
  • Cramps
  • Hypothermia
  • Sprains
  • Growing pains

Best Electric Hot Water Bag

1. Piesome heating bag for pain relief
2. Voltonix®
3. Amextrian Rubber hot water Bag
4. Laley Electric Heating Bag
5. RYLAN heating bag
6. Krish Electric Hot Water Bag
7. KWT heating Bag
8. HNESS heating Bag
9. CIERIE Rubber Hot Water Bag
10. SHARMA Electric Hot Water Bag

Benefits of Electric Hot Water Bag

  • Technology – This bag is made from neoprene for heat retention and maximum compression. It has shockproof mechanism and no leakage in fibbers
  • Portable- This bag comes in different colour and filled with gel. They gives you charging cable wire. Its weight around 1.3 Kg. This bag is easy to use portable
  • Chargeable – This bag’s charging mechanism works like mobile Phone. No need to boil water on gas or a heater to fill it.
  • Mode of Operation – just connect the charging cable with charging plug or connect to Bag or a pouch. Switch on the plug and leave the bag for 5-10 Mints and than use as per your requirements.
    Safe to Use – Horlite Heating Bag is completely safe in use. Bags are filled with galvanothermy energy. This bags are leak-proof and shockproof.

How to Use Electric Hot water Bag

  • Attached the charging cable in bag and switch on the button
  • Keep the bag on flat and levelled surface in the time charging
  • when the red light has been started, its means its showing heating process
  • when 7 to 10 mints complete its automatically switch off or in if not switch off the bag
  • switch off the bag and keep it the heat low, use as per your het requirement.
  • Pad or a bag is ready to use
  • ones the bag is charged or heated, it will be hot for 60 to 120 mints

Rubber Hot Water Bag

  • Rubber hot water Bag treats muscular pain ,induces relaxation, muscle pull ,rheumatic pain ,releases stress instantly relieves joint pains , muscular cramps, back aches ,menstrual pains, back aches and
  • There is both side ribbed high quality rubber and its easy to clean
  • Keep water hot for loner time
  • Hot water bag is most used for heat therapy treatment

Best Quality Hot Water Bags in India

Best Rubber Hot Water Bags (Non Electricity)

1. Fission Rubber Hot Water Bag
2. V-Cure Well Rubber Hot Water Bag
3. Karki Fusion® Rubber Hot Water Bag
4. MCP Rubber Hot Water Bag
5. Sahyog Wellness Hot Water Bag
6. Recombigen Hot Water Bag
7. Sahyog Wellness Hot Water Bag
8. Hicks C-19 Comfort Hot Water Bag
9. 1Mile Rubber Hot Water Bag
10. Easy Care EC 1881 Hot Water Bag

How to Use Rubber Hot Water Bag

  • Fill it to maximum of two-third capacities of the bag
  • Expel the air carefully onto a flat surface until water is visible
  • Ensure that there is no leakage in the time of use

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