Best 5 Power Bank Brands in India

Top Power Bank in India

Which power bank is good and safe, 10000mah or 20000mah? These are two main questions for power banks. With the popularization of smart phones , people are most afraid of not having their keys or wallets when they go out now, but that they are most afraid of suddenly running out of power. Power bank is used to give additional charging to your mobile phone,The charging capacity depends on the size and type of the battery being charged. Safety is major concern while buying power bank because it’s like carrying live lithium bomb with you.

Power banks are most important things, which we use at any time or any place without the need of electricity.
There is many local and Branded power Banks are available in Market, its being more confusing to purchase good power bank. We are giving best brand for power bank which help you to settle with better option.

Top Power bank Brand In India


mi Best Power Bank Brand

Xiaomi Corporation (MI) is a Chinese multinational electronics company founded in April 2010 which headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi produced and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, consumer electronics, and many other products.

Mi Power bank are safest power banks available in India with all license required to produce them. Almost all power bank from MI do have a metal body to prevent from drop blast. MI gives you more impressive options in Mobile Power banks. MI power banks are more faster than other power bank. Mi 10000mah power bank is No.1 selling power bank in India

This Xiaomi power bank do have a fast charging option along with 4 output with USB Type C. All these power banks are now Made in India. –Buy Now–


Ambrane Best Power Bank Brand

Ambrane is Indian base Private Limited company which they are operating there business form New Delhi. Ambrane is giving you a very large number of product varieties in power bank along with high specification of products. Ambrane will be leading company in this segment. As there service quality is impressive, in which you will get replacement if old one fails to charge or operate.

Also there charging lifecycle is also good that you can use their 20000mah power bank for 500 life cycles. These are BIS certified power banks from ambrane. –Buy Now–


Syska Best Power Bank Brand

SYSKA Group is a Indian brand specializing in lighting solutions with its LED Lights has invested approximately 170 crores in India. Founded by brothers Rajesh and Govind Uttamchandani in Pune, the Syska Group today is a Rs 1200-crore company. These power banks are mad with Grade A+ High density polymer cell to provide long lasting support. They do have 6 Months Warranty and you may contact Toll free 1800-102-8787. Syska Accessories are quality tested, durable, reliable with aesthetically appealing designs. –Buy Now–


OnePlus Best Power Bank Brand

OnePlus Technology Ltd. is multinational Chinese smartphone manufacturer which headquartered in Shenzhen, was founded on 2013. They operating almost 34 countries. They are new in Power bank segment, But we already know about their quality in Mobile Segment. OnePlus Power Bank offers a portable charging solution provide you fast, compact, and convenient also they allowing you to fast-charge your favourite phone and other USB devices at the same time. Their cosmetic look is good that people tends to buy. While comparing performance, Xiaomi is always better. –Buy Now–


Realme Best Power Bank Brand

Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer company with headquartered is in Beijing. The company was founded on May 4, 2018 by Mr Sky Li, this company specially working only Phone and there accessories segment like Earphones, Powerbanks, Phone cases and other. they are giving you option to connect multiple phone with one power bank. Realme also have huge varieties of option in power bank. –Buy Now–

Important factor about Power Bank and Conclusion

Batteries are the most important thing in mobile power. The most commonly used batteries on the market can be divided into two categories: 18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

No matter what kind of battery cell power bank, when you buy it, choose a big brand power bank with quality assurance, basically there will be no problems. Of course, don’t buy those stalls and knockoffs that are very cheap for dozens of dollars. Charging a broken cell phone is a trivial matter, but personal safety is a major matter.

Overcharge and discharge is also major concern while choosing power bank. Because if you keep power bank for full night charge it may damage cells or may be explodes. So while choosing you can select power bank with overcharge protection circuit.

Every power bank have there own specification also there power charging capacity, there is few points are most important in the time of buying power bank

1.Power Bank battery capacity – like if your power bank is 3000mAh it will charge your phone battery hardly single time.
2.Output – How many outputs are there ? Like 3-4 outputs with different type is always better
3.Body Material –  Always prefer metal body upto 10000mah and Hard plastic body for 20000mah
4.Quality of battery and BIS Certification
5.Input type
6.Warranty of the product

Question and Answers

Which is the best power bank in India?
You can choose Mi(Xiaomi) Power banks blindly. They do have all major safety angles in power bank. –Buy Now–

Which is made in India Power Bank?
Ambrane and SYSKA are good made in India Power Bank brand founded in India.

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