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Which Air Cooler is Best

Looking for Best Air Cooler in Indian market? Then this post will help you to choose best air cooler in India. Air Cooler known as Evaporative coolers, offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to cool spaces indoors and outdoors. They’re mostly used to quickly cool down garages, outdoor patios, covered porches, house rooms and more. Air Coolers can be used indoors, but only in dry hot environments. They are not recommended for indoor use in humid climates.

There are many advantages of Air cooler over AC, like cost. Air coolers are very cost effective. A good air cooler comes under rupees 5,000, whereas air conditioner price starts from Rs.20,000. Less operating cost. Running air cooler is not a burden on your wallet. It saves electricity bill.

After this comparison we will see Buying Guide for Air Coolers bellow

Top Air Cooler Brands in India


Symphony Best Air Cooler

Symphony is best and largest Air cooler seller in Indian and having 30 percent international market. Symphony is a Indian multinational company which is established in the year 1988 by Achal Bakeri. Symphony has headquarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. In 1994 this company was become a public limited company. This company having specialization in varies products like domestic air coolers and industrial air coolers.
This company has operations in approx. 60 countries as well as Guinness world record for manufacturing the world largest air cooler. Symphony’s 25 to 30 percent turnover comes from international market.

Why Symphony Air Cooler

  • Symphony cooler are covering more area and make your sleep well.
  • They used i pure technology with multistage air purification filter such as bacteria, small, dust, allergy and more.
  • Easy to movable and easy to control fan speed and swing.
  • 1 year or more than one year manufacturing warranty.

Symphony best selling Air Cooler

1. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler
2. Symphony Hi Cool i Modern Personal Room Air


Bajaj Best Air Cooler

Bajaj Electricals is one of the oldest company that has been dedicatedly working towards innovations that simplify human life. This is Indian multinational company which was established in 14 July 1938 by Mr. Kamalnayan Bajaj. Which having headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Bajaj Electricals is child company of Bajaj group. It has several products like Automobile, Financial Services, Home Appliances, Electrical and more. Bajaj have 19 branch offices in different part of country with the chain of 1000 distributors, 400 authorized dealers also have 400,000 retail outlets and approx.

Group founder Bajaj Jamanlal was a freedom fighter, and Mahatma Gandhi treated him as his own son.

Why Bajaj Cooler

  • Bajaj offer air cooler that are very suitable for different climates
  • Super air delivery
  • Hexacool Technology
  • Powerful Air throw
  • Turbo Fan Technology

Bajaj best selling Air Cooler

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque
2. Bajaj PCF 25DLX

3.Crompton (Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals)

Crompton Best Air Cooler

Crompton is Indian brand and one of the leading consumer company in India, having experience of more than 75 year. Crompton was established in 1878 by Mr. James Greaves. Crompton have Headquarters is in Mumbai, India. Crompton have 2 business segments, lighting and electrical consumer durable.

In January 2017, Crompton Greaves changed its name from Crompton Greaves Limited to CG Power. In September 2020, Murugappa Group’s Investments acquired a 56% stake in CG Power and Industrial Solutions for ₹700 crore.

Why Crompton Air Cooler

  • Higher Air Delivery For Superior Cooling
  • Everlast Pump To Work In Hard Water
  • Wide Angle Air Throw Cools Every Corner Of The Room
  • Humidity Controller To Suit Your Cooling Need
  • Aerodynamic Fan Design For Cooling Efficiency

Crompton best selling Air Cooler

1. Crompton Ozone
2. Crompton Optimus


Havells Best Air Cooler

Havells is an Indian electrical equipment company. Which was established in 1958. Havells have Headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Havells limited have varies divisions like LV motors, Home application,
kitchen appliances, lighting, consumer and industrial switch gears, cables and wires.

Why Havells cooler

  • India’s first innovative cooler range
  • 3-Side Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Easy to Move
  • Low Noise

Havells best selling cooler

1. Havells Freddo
2. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler


Kenstar Best Air Cooler

Kenstar is a Indian company which headquarter is in Gurugram, Haryana and it was established in 1996. Kenstar India Private Limited is one of the largest home appliances companies in India and also popular for cooler, water heater and home appliances services in rural area.

Why Kenstar cooler

  • Kenstar offers technologically and advanced features for better performance.
  • Keeping extensive and stringent quality checks.
  • Kenstar has raised the industry yardstick with its high performance, durable and stylish products.
  • In an effort to bring world-class service standards, Kenstar has 350+ Service Centers & Franchisees across India.

Best Kenstar coolers

1. Kenstar Double Cool Dx
2. Kenstar Icecool Re (Kciirf1H-Fma) Honeycomb Air Cooler With Remote

Types Of Air cooler

  • Room Cooler
  • Desert Cooler

Room Cooler vs Desert Cooler

Difference between Room(Personal) Cooler and Desert Cooler

FeaturesPersonal(Room) CoolerDesert Cooler
SuitableSmall – Mid Sized RoomsMid – Large Sized Rooms
Water CapacityUp to 40L40L – 80L and Above
Cooler LocationIndoorOutdoor
PriceStarts from Rs. 4000Starts from Rs.8000

What is Room Cooler?

Room cooler is also know as personal cooler, this cooler is suitable for all and favourable for the place where have humid condition and coastal places. This cooler is used in small or up to 200sqft room size.
this type off cooler have small water tank, they are very effective on electricity saving

What is Desert Cooler?

Desert Cooler is suitable for any place also very effective for dry climatic conditions like dessert. This cooler specially designed for very hot and dry places, which are away from coastal area. This cooler is capable of cooling large room. These coolers are large in size, have large water tank and consume more energy as compare to room cooler

Main advantages of Air Coolers

  1. Apart from being affordable, air coolers use water for cooling and do not use any refrigerant such as CFC, HCFC. For cooling as is the case in air conditioners. Hence they are very Eco friendly.
  2. Coolers are portable. Hence it is very easy to place them in the room that you want to cool.
  3. The initial cost of buying a cooler is much less than an air conditioner. That means you can consider lower investment.
  4. The power consumed by these coolers is much less as compared to the air conditioners, so the annual energy saving is significant. So along with lower investment, the cost of using coolers is less than using ACs.
  5. Air conditioners cool the air inside the room and again direct the air into the same room, whereas air coolers use fresh air from outside, cool it and direct it inside the room. Hence more fresh air is circulated in the room.

Main disadvantages of Air Coolers

  1. The major disadvantage of an air cooler is its dependency on the climate. In areas with very high humidity(near sea area), the coolers may prove to be less efficient. The air coming out of the coolers is humid because of the evaporated water. Therefore, coolers add to the humidity in air to cool the area. So while buying a cooler look for ‘Humidity Control’ in specifications of the cooler.
  2. Coolers also need a continuous supply of water. Also if you are living in a region with hard water, the internal parts of your cooler are at a higher risk of corrosion. Maintenance is required more frequently for these coolers.
  3. The fan in the air coolers makes noise that might be disturbing sometimes.

Tips for better working of Air Coolers

  • In contrast to the myth of closing all doors and widows while using air cooling, having good ventilation will work in favor of your cooler. Keep the doors and windows open so that there is enough flow of fresh air in the room. And always placing the cooler near the window will be an added advantage and will cool the room more faster.
  • In case there is bad smell coming from your cooler, it is an indication to clean it. Cleaning and maintaining your cooler will help increase its lifetime.
  • Adding ice water or ice in coolers will lower the temperatures even further. So using ice water is a good idea on very hot days.

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