6 Best Cooling Talcum Powder Brands for Summer 2022

Top Cooling Powders In India

Cool Talcum powder is used in prickly heat summer for body, to absorb sweat and give it a refreshing feeling for some time. The word talcum comes from “talc” a mineral, composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. Talc is even used in few baby powder, because it is astringent in nature and keep the diaper area dry and prevents rashes. Talc is soft and is translucent and has a pearl like sheen. The several versions of talcum powder come with added ingredients like sandalwood, aashwagandha and flower extracts with other mixtures.

So this summer we came with best cooling powder in India. These powders when applied, it creates cooling effect on skin also helps to reduce excessive sweating.

Best Prickly Heat Talcum Powder for Summer


Emami Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

Emami Group is an Indian company based in Kolkata. This brand is also known for its fairness cream products for men which attracted controversy with an advertisement for its skin whitening. In 2008, Emami acquired Zandu Pharmaceutical for Rs.730 crores.

Their Navratna Maxx Cool Talc is one of the best cooling powder available in the market. This is known as navratna as ingredients consist of 9 Ayurvedic herbs. Benefit is Instant relief from prickly heat, heat rash, burning and itching sensations. Navratna cool talc is unique blend of mint and camphor with essential ayurvedic herbs. The effect remains is desired as cooling effect, while the cool aroma rejuvenates the senses and keep fresh.


Nycil Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

Nycil brand is American company, registered as Heinz India, Heinz is an American food processing company which owns it. The company claims to have 150 brands worldwide. Heinz brand commonly known for Tomato Ketchup, which ranks first in the US market with share of 50%.

This cooling talc is clinically Proven, which provides Instant Germ Kill And 3 Days Visible Results From Summer Skin Problems ,Sweat, Body Odour, Itching, Rashes & Prickly Heat. Available In 7 Variants ,Cool Herbal, Cool Gulabjal, Cool Classic, Cool Sandal, Cool Aloe, Cool Lime And Classic.

Nycil powder for babies is not recommended as there are special powder available for babies.


Cinthol Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

Cinthol brand is owned by Godrej Group, is an Indian multinational company, headquartered in Mumbai,  managed and largely owned by the Godrej family. Cinthol name is a Combination of Synthetic and Phenol. Cinthol was first in market who Incorporated Deodorant in a Soap.

Cinthol cooling talc is one of the powder that makes you feel fresh. Helps you deal with soaring temperatures that can lead to excessive sweating and bad odour. Cinthol powder gives a cooling effect to your sweaty skin and protecting it from bad rashes. Cinthol Talcum Powder, available in 4 other variants, namely Confidence+, Deo, Lime and Original.


NIVEA Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

Nivea is a German personal care brand that specializes in body care product which is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG. In 2011, NIVEA was fined $900,000 by the U.S. Federal for falsely claiming that people could slim down by regularly applying NIVEA My Silhouette. In 1983, NIVEA flew into space, One of the astronauts took along his NIVEA Creme tin.

Nivea brand history

Nivea Cool Musk fragrance is mild and doesn’t overpower while keeping you feeling fresh all day long. Nivea Pure Talc is known to be one of the best face talcum powders for oily skin. Its also assuring smooth and silky skin while get rid of excess oil and moisture. The refreshing fragrance of this body talc provides ultimate body odor protection.


Biotique Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

Biotique is Indian brand founded by Vinita Jain in 1992 with collaboration of a Swiss company. Biotique products are made of 100% organically pure, preservative free, and renewable resources. Biotique do have R&D based in Switzerland and blending ayurveda from India.

Biotique Bio Basil Refreshing Body Powder is One of the Best Talcum Powder ingredient which is herbal based product only. This Biotique basil powder is are herbal, affordable, and extremely efficient. Best to used in summer, cooling powder that has Ayurvedic ingredients of blend of pure basil, margosa, Indian corn, and red sandalwood extracts. The elements responsible for brightening your skin and controls bad odour which gives you freshness. This biotique talc leaves your skin feeling really smooth, making it an ideal talcum powder for summers.
This body talc absorbs sweat and delicately pampers your skin all day.


Dermicool Best summer Cooling Talcum Powder

“Aaya mausam thande thande Dermicool ka, Ghamoriyaan chhoomantar” this Dermicool brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser Group is a British consumer goods company headquartered in England which also own brands like Dettol and Durex. Previously it was owned by Indian company Paras Pharmaceuticals.

Dermi cool powder comes with dual action bacteriostatic formula to prevent skin problems and provides instant cooling relief from prickly heat, burning sensation, itching and and heat rashes. Dermicool not only offers an effective cure for prickly heat but also gives instant relief from its burning discomfort. It contains Key Ingredients: Jasat bhasma, Tankan amla, Vetasa, Yavanala and Cooling talc. Do not apply on cuts and wounds. Not recommended for infants.

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